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………………………Presumption – where only death counts………………………

(Based on many true stories)

Written & Directed by Sudipto Sen
Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah

May 24, 1967 when a group of radical leftists, known​ as CPI (Marxist-Leninist) killed four local landlords in the middle of a village market, in remote north-eastern sub-Himalayan area, Naxalbari, in Darjeeling District of West Bengal.​ That incidence unleashed a dreaded guerrilla warfare in India for next 50-years - called NAXALBARI movement.

Inspired by Chinese, Cuban, Russian and Vietnamese communist revolution, this​ guerrilla war groups in India are the splinter groups of Communist Party of India. They picked up leaders like Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Min,​ Lenin, Angels, Stalin as their role model. ​Chairman ​Mao​ provided ideological​ leadership to the movement, advocating Indian peasants and tribal​ overthrow the democratically elected government. Large number of urban​ elites and best of the students of elite universities of the country​ joined the movement eventually. Soon this guerrilla movement spread over 18 states of India, impacted​ ​90 districts of the country.

In 70-years, Indian state failed to​ ensure Tribal autonomy, failed to ensure fare public distribution,​ failed to check rampant corruption, failed to ensure justice for caste-based exploitation. And, these​ failures only added fuel to this guerrilla warfare.

Next 50-years of this movement marked more than 72 thousand killings,​ 20 thousands brain drain and more than 3-trillion dollar of economic loss of the country. The stories of 100s of mindless mass killing​ incidences, ambush killings inside the forest, dances on dead bodies, peoples' court and annihilation of the 'class enemy' marked the​ longest and most deadly war against the democratic system in modern​ India. Not even heard anywhere in the world as well.

This Naxal or Maoist Movement is essentially an imported guerrilla​ movement, which wanted to follow the path of Chinese revolution -​ never been tailor-made for the multicultural diverse ground realities​ of India.

Beyond romantic implore of human rights and liberation, this​ deadly warfare yield anything else for the country? Did millions of​ tribal in India felt safe?  How USD 100s of million worth of parallel​ dark economy united global mafias against the sovereignty of India?

Whilst these questions still remain unanswered the Guerrilla warfare​ still rages and today operates from ​their​ realm ‘Bastar.’ It is here that​ they found the tribal who just liked them lived a world of isolation.​ Tribal too are the ‘other’ to the world. A race of species just like​ us but not us. What happens in the realm that seems to be the haven of​ ‘the others’?

The biggest ever socio-political thriller on the longest ever guerrilla​ war involving 300-million population of the country - first time on the screen!