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Four cross border terrorists, one cleric, one helpless girl ... all confined in an abandoned military bunker.
A kidnapping ... molestation ... possible murder...
Another gruesome crime against humanity in the name of JIHAD is set to occur in a remote hamlet in Kashmir. ...but - a twist of fate, clever deceptions, four shocking incidents
redefines the meaning of JIHAD and humanity in the darkness ...
AASMA - A woman... A woman’s face... the nameless and the faceless –
who succumb to the mindless terrorism to every war zone of the world... everyday...
AASMA - A battle for survival... who will live and who will die?
AASMA - A spine-chilling thriller in the most picturesque war zone in the world
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An unprecedented mine blast claimed the life of 22-people including 7top national level leadership in the jungle of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Run away “terrorist” Kallol & Bibha – two scholarly students are being chased by Fetey Singh, a cop, who was supposed tokill them immediately after the blast. But villagers didn’t let it happen.Their love for Kallol & Bibha made their escape.  Abhishek, Pallavi, Pankaj & Disha - four college-going lovebirdstake a weekend sojourn in a firm house inside the nearby Sultanpur jungle. Happytime suddenly disappeared when Bibha & Kallol took shelter in the same house. Four young lovers are now in the captivityof them. But...
In course of time, four youth have a changed heart – the fear of captivity converted to sympathy to the cause of the terrorist couple. 
IPS Renuka Bakshi, theundercover expert of investigation in guerrilla war zones, on the other hand has adifferent story to tell. Opposition leader turned to peace messiah, Daddaji – took away the peace of mind to the youngchief minister of the state.Chief Minister is hell-bent to end the milieu of terror and corruption of thecountry. He is out to ensure a happy new young India. But, who is Bodang baba? Does he have some different story to tell?Who will win the battle between the Chief Minister and Daddaji?  What exactly happened to thatafternoon in Sultanpur forest? Are Kallol & Bibha actually orchestrated themassacre? When the tense situation was looking like easing out inside the farmhouse – a sudden catastrophe shaken the milieu there inside, inentirety...
Appearance of two police personnel and a few gunshots – changed thelife of everyone present there, perhaps the life of the country – forever.

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